Step into the Shangri-La!

Medical Graduation in beautiful China!

2 hours direct flight from Islamabad

Shihezi University MBBS program for International Students welcomes you to explore the triumphant aspect of your dreams.

Very cheap to fly to. We will be waiting for you on the airport.

Shihezi University is located in the beautiful city of Shihezi, just 2 hours direct flight from Islamabad in a Muslim inhabited area. It is one of the oldest universities in China. MBBS program for international students was started in 2002 and since then 6 batches have already been graduated.


We invite you to step into the mysterious world of China. The ancient civilization, moving ahead into modern system. The world's second largest economy is opening its doors to you.

Muslim inhabited area

No food and cultural problems. Muslim festivals are officially celebrated.

Enlisted by MoE China

PMDC approved

One of the listed universities for international students by MoE China.


More than 200 international students

Pakistani, Indian, Nepalese and Bangladeshis (Boys & Girls)

6 batches have already graduated

Our graduates are working in reputable hospitals in Pakistan

4-star hostel accomodation

with separate areas for girls and boys

Ministry of Education, China has listed quite a few universities on its website for MBBS program in English.


These Universities have been developed in human as well as other academic resources to make them fit for such a program to run. Shihezi University is one of such universities. In addition, Shihezi University has hired Pakistani teachers since 2002 to improve the quality and run the program very similar to that in Pakistan. It may be regarded as the only university running PMDC approved syllabus and examination system.

Contact us......

Office of International Relations,

Bei 4 Rd, Shihezi City,

Xinjiang, P.R.China (Zip Code: 832000)


TEL & FAX: 0086-993-2057351